Thursday, June 08, 2006

Love Your Son by Loving Your Wife!

You might say to me, "Wait a minute, is that substantive fatherhood?"

Absolutely! in the early years.

You might say, "Well, that's not that difficult."

Wait a minute now – your son needs to see you loving mom.

So in those early years of your marriage, where your emphasis and work in leading courageously and accepting responsibility needs to be in the area of loving your wife and establishing that early on. That's strategic fatherhood.

See, that's beginning to impart to your son the essence of masculinity because you're stabilizing in those early years.

So if my son is two or three or four or five years old, "I'm a dad," you're saying "my focus ought to be communicating love to him and communicating to his mom that I love her in ways that he sees that, he's aware of it, he picks up on it."

Your son senses it in the home. It's the environment of the home, and what's helpful to a young man, he goes, "Thank you. That didn't overpower me, necessarily, those are real clear roadmaps."

If you do these things, you're creating in your son a rich, masculine identity.

There will come a point when a boy turns from five to six; he moves into the early elementary years and, at that point, it's not that a dad quits loving mom or quits saying, "I love you," but he may need to add a few things to his arsenal.

Email me for a copy of this all-important roadmap, put out by Raising a Modern-Day Knight that is where a dad could go to any year in his son's life and go down that roadmap and see the two, three, four, five things that he needs to concentrate on, on that particular year. Put "Manhood Roadmap" in the subject line.

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